Cushion Diamonds

Cushion Diamonds

Shop our selection of top quality GIA certified Ideal Cushion cut diamonds.

The Cushion cut is an antique style of diamond cutting originating in the late 19th century. When candlelight was the main source of indoor lighting the Cushion was developed to maximize the brilliance, fire and scintillation of a diamond under low light conditions. In modern light environments the Cushion cut produces glorious amounts of Brilliance and the typically larger Crown of the Cushion creates a dazling display of light dispersion, what we refer to as Fire, colored flashes of multi-colored light.


Cushion cut diamonds can vary in shape from perfectly square to long rectangular shapes with personal preference as the deciding factor.



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Note: To view diamonds 10 carats or larger you must select 10.00 as the Lower Carat Weight and 20.00 as the Higher Carat weight.

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Presenting 37 GIA certified Ideal Cut Cushion diamonds for your consideration.

Shape Carat Color Clarity Cut Cert Ratio Fluorescence Price Detail
Cushion 1 I SI1 Excellent GIA 1.06 Medium $2,451 more
Cushion 1.01 E SI1 Excellent GIA 1.17 Faint $3,338 more
Cushion 1.01 F VS2 Excellent GIA 1.16 Faint $4,510 more
Cushion 1.01 I VS1 Excellent GIA 1.01 None $3,701 more
Cushion 1.01 D VVS2 Excellent GIA 1.23 None $6,838 more
Cushion 1.03 F VS2 Excellent GIA 1.04 None $3,858 more
Cushion 1.03 G VS1 Excellent GIA 1.05 None $4,030 more
Cushion 1.3 H SI2 Excellent GIA 1.08 Faint $3,620 more
Cushion 1.5 J SI1 Excellent GIA 1.14 None $5,450 more
Cushion 1.5 F VS2 Excellent GIA 1.12 Faint $6,922 more
Cushion 1.51 H VS2 Excellent GIA 1 None $8,968 more
Cushion 1.52 F VS2 Excellent GIA 1.18 None $11,258 more

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  • The Cushion cut diamonds in our curated Ideal Cushion diamond inventory represent the top 5% of Cushion cut diamonds in terms of cut quality, perfect proportioning and excellent Polish and Symmetry.
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