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Asscher Cut Lab Grown Diamonds

Welcome to, where brilliance meets responsibility! We extend an exclusive invitation to explore our curated collection of top-quality, environmentally conscious lab-grown diamonds.


Immerse yourself in the dazzling beauty of diamonds crafted with precision and care, ensuring a commitment to both excellence and sustainability. Each lab-grown diamond in our collection is a testament to ethical luxury, offering a guilt-free sparkle that resonates with modern values.


Shop now and adorn yourself with the brilliance of top-quality, environmentally conscious lab-grown diamonds at – where style meets consciousness in every shimmering facet.

asscher diamond

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Embark on a journey of bespoke luxury with our Lab Created Diamond Concierge Service, your personal guide to discovering the perfect diamond.


Our dedicated experts are here to curate a selection tailored to your desires, ensuring each prospect aligns seamlessly with your vision. Whether you envision the timeless brilliance of a round cut or the modern elegance of an emerald cut, our concierge service transforms the diamond selection process into an immersive and personalized experience.


Let us assist you in finding not just a diamond but a symbol of your unique style and everlasting love. Explore the pinnacle of luxury with our Lab Created Diamond Concierge Service – where every facet of your dream diamond is meticulously crafted to perfection.

Asscher Cut Diamonds: Unveiling the Symmetry of Timeless Beauty

Asscher cut diamonds, renowned for their distinctive geometric precision, have carved a niche for themselves in the world of fine jewelry. This guide navigates the facets of Asscher cut diamonds, exploring their rich history, unique characteristics, popular settings, and the allure that captivates connoisseurs.

The Asscher cut, named after its creator Joseph Asscher, emerged in the early 20th century. Initially designed for the Royal Asscher Diamond Company, this cut gained prominence for its stepped facets and squared shape, creating a mesmerizing play of light and emphasizing the stone's clarity.

Asscher Diamond

Asscher cut diamond engagement ring


Asscher Diamond Characteristics

Stepped Facets: Asscher cut diamonds are characterized by a square or slightly rectangular shape and a distinctive step-cut arrangement of facets. This design provides a balanced blend of brilliance and clarity, reminiscent of an artfully crafted staircase.


Parallel Lines: The cut features parallel lines that draw the eye into the diamond, creating a sense of depth and allowing the observer to appreciate the stone's internal characteristics.


Squarish Silhouette: While square is the traditional Asscher cut, a slightly elongated rectangular shape is also popular. The choice depends on personal preferences, with both shapes offering a unique charm.

Asscher Diamond Engagement Ring Styles

Asscher Diamond Settings and Styles

  1. Classic Solitaires: Asscher cut diamonds shine brilliantly in classic solitaire settings, allowing the clean lines of the cut to take center stage.

  2. Modern designs: The linear lines of the Asscher cut diamond flow incredibly well with modern style ring designs. Accent stones with similar linear appearances, especially when step-cut faceted, are the perfect accent to an Asscher diamond.

  3. Art Deco Influence: The geometric precision of Asscher cuts makes them ideal for Art Deco-inspired jewelry. Vintage designs, often adorned with intricate details and side stones, enhance the overall allure.

  4. Halo Settings: Surrounding an Asscher cut with a halo of smaller diamonds amplifies its brilliance and creates a captivating, timeless aesthetic.

  5. Three-Stone Rings: Incorporating Asscher cuts into three-stone ring designs symbolizes the past, present, and future, making it a meaningful choice for engagement rings.

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings

Asscher cut diamond engagement ring

Asscher Diamonds

In the realm of diamonds, Asscher cuts stand as masterpieces of symmetry, combining vintage charm with a modern aesthetic. Whether set in a classic solitaire or a halo setting, the unique characteristics of Asscher cut diamonds make them an enchanting choice.

Asscher Diamonds

Frequently asked questions about Asscher cut diamonds

What is distinctive about an Asscher cut diamond? Answer: The Asscher cut diamond is known for its unique square shape with cropped corners and a step-cut faceting style, offering a classic and elegant appearance.

How does the Asscher cut differ from other diamond cuts? Answer: Unlike brilliant cuts, the Asscher cut features step-cut facets, creating a hall-of-mirrors effect and emphasizing clarity and symmetry over sparkle. Similar to the Emerald cut in this respect, it's a choice for those who appreciate a clean and sophisticated look.

What factors should I consider when choosing an Asscher cut diamond? Answer: Optimal proportions for Asscher cuts typically feature a depth of 60-68% and a table percentage around 60-70%. This balance ensures a visually appealing diamond with a pleasing play of light. For an Asscher cut, pay particular attention to clarity, as the step-cut facets can highlight inclusions.

Are Asscher cut diamonds more affordable than round brilliant cuts? Answer: Generally, Asscher cut diamonds like all fancy shape diamonds offer better value when compared to the Round Brilliant in terms of carat weight and cost, making them an attractive choice.

Can I customize jewelry with an Asscher cut diamond? Answer: Absolutely! Asscher cut diamonds can be set in various jewelry designs, from classic solitaires to elaborate vintage-inspired settings, offering versatility for customization.

Are there specific settings that enhance the beauty of an Asscher cut? Answer: Asscher cuts shine in settings that emphasize their clean lines, such as four-prong solitaires or halo designs. These settings showcase the diamond's geometric allure.

What color grade is ideal for Asscher cut diamonds? Answer: The color grade preference is subjective, but many prefer a colorless or near-colorless grade (D-F) for Asscher cuts to enhance their clean, sophisticated look. Insider Secret: The step cut faceting of the Asscher cut returns massive amounts of white light back to the eye so even in lower color grades like I and J your Asscher will appear very bright and very white.

Do Asscher cut diamonds exhibit the bow-tie effect? Answer: While Asscher cuts are less prone to a prominent bow-tie effect than some other fancy cuts, it's essential to view each diamond individually to ensure optimal light performance.

Can you assist me in finding the perfect Asscher cut diamond? Answer: Certainly! Our Diamond Concierge Service is dedicated to guiding you through our curated selection, ensuring you find the ideal Asscher cut diamond that aligns with your preferences and budget.

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