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Celebrated in the Bible and in ancient Sanskrit writings as the most precious of all gemstones, rubies have been the prized possession of emperors and kings throughout the ages.


Ruby's inner fire has been the inspiration for innumerable legends and myths, and to this day, no red gemstone can compare to its fiery, rich hues. It was believed wearing a fine red ruby bestowed good fortune on its owner - although the owner must have already had good fortune enough to possess such a rare and beautiful gemstone!


Many people associate its brilliant crimson colors with passion and love, making ruby an ideal choice for an engagement ring. Ruby is the red variety of the corundum mineral species, while all other colors of corundum are called sapphire.



Red is the color of our most intense emotions—love and anger, passion and fury. It’s associated with objects of power and desire—like fast cars and red roses. Early cultures treasured rubies for their similarity to the redness of the blood that flowed through their veins, and believed that rubies held the power of life.

Ruby is one of the most historically significant colored stones. Rubies are mentioned four times in the Bible, in association with attributes like beauty and wisdom. In the ancient language of Sanskrit, ruby is called ratnaraj, or “king of precious stones.”

In the first century AD, the Roman scholar Pliny included rubies in his Natural History, describing their hardness and density. Ancient Hindus believed that those who offered fine rubies to the god Krishna were granted rebirth as emperors.

Hindus divided ruby into four castes, calling the true Oriental ruby a Brahmin. Someone in possession of a Brahmin was believed to have the advantage of perfect safety.

Ruby has accumulated a host of legends over the centuries. People in India believed that rubies enabled their owners to live in peace with their enemies. In Burma (a ruby source since at least 600 AD—now called Myanmar), warriors possessed rubies to make them invincible in battle. However, it wasn’t enough to just wear the rubies. They had to insert them into their flesh and make them part of their bodies.

The name ruby comes from the Latin word ruber, which means “red.” The glowing red of ruby suggested an inextinguishable flame burning in the stone, even shining through clothing and able to boil water.

Ruby has been called the most precious of the 12 stones created by God.

Ruby retained its importance with the birth of the western world and became one of the most sought-after gems of European royalty and the upper classes. Many medieval Europeans wore rubies to guarantee health, wealth, wisdom, and success in love.

Desire for ruby is just as great today as it always has been. As a symbol of passion, ruby makes an ideal romantic gift. Consumers are drawn to the lush color because it also signifies wealth and success.


This most sought after gemstone is available in a range of red hues, from purplish and bluish red to orangish red. Ruby is readily available in sizes up to 2 carats, but larger sizes can be obtained. However, in its finest quality, any size ruby can be scarce. In readily available small sizes, ruby makes an excellent accent gemstone because of its intense, pure red color.

Ruby is mined throughout Southeast Asia. While Thailand and Myanmar (Burma) produce exquisite examples of this gemstone that the ancient Sinhalese people called "Ratnaraj," the King of Gemstones.


1.01 carat Oval cut
Natural Red Ruby

$3,030 | Detail

1.02 carat Marquise cut
Natural Red Ruby

$2,189 | Detail

1.03 carat Cushion cut
Natural Red Ruby

$2,232 | Detail

1.05 carat Oval cut
Natural Red Ruby

$2,452 | Detail

1.07 carat Oval cut
Natural Red Ruby

$2,283 | Detail

1.26 carat Oval cut
Natural Red Ruby

$1,680 | Detail

1.62 carat Round cut
Natural Red Ruby

$2,700 | Detail

1.87 carat Cushion cut
Natural Purple-Red Ruby

$3,491 | Detail

2 carat Heart cut
Natural Red Ruby

$13,333 | Detail

2 carat Marquise cut
Natural Red Ruby

$9,000 | Detail

2.03 carat Cushion cut
Natural Red Ruby

$13,533 | Detail

2.09 carat Cushion cut
Natural Red Ruby

$4,181 | Detail

2.14 carat Cushion cut
Natural Red Ruby

$4,280 | Detail

3.72 carat Oval cut
Natural Red Ruby

$31,000 | Detail


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