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Introducing the resplendent "Crown of Eternity" ring, a masterful creation that seamlessly blends majestic allure with intricate details. At its pinnacle sits a dazzling solitaire gem, cradled within a cathedral-style setting adorned with ten regal prongs, forming a captivating crown that crowns the center stone like royalty.


The ten prongs, meticulously crafted, create a majestic spectacle, not only securing the gem with regal precision but also bestowing upon it an unparalleled grandeur. The band, delicately adorned with crossbars, adds a touch of ornate sophistication, resembling the fine craftsmanship of a royal artifact.


"Crown of Eternity" is more than a ring; it's a symbol of everlasting grandeur and refined elegance. The cathedral-style setting with its crown of prongs exudes a majestic aura, while the intricately decorated band showcases the meticulous artistry involved. This ring is a timeless masterpiece, embodying the regal essence of enduring love.

Crown of Eternity Solitaire Ring

PriceFrom $1,295.00
  • Available in a spectrum of indulgence, choose from the timeless elegance of white gold, the warmth of yellow and rose gold, or the epitome of luxury with platinum.

    The price displayed is for the mounting and side stones only. The price does not include the center stone as pictured in the model.

    The price may differ based on the size of the center stone you choose as well as your ring size.

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