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Introducing a breathtaking symphony of elegance and grace: our exquisite diamond drop pendant, a celestial cascade of luminescence destined to captivate hearts and illuminate every moment with its ethereal beauty. At its core, seven resplendent round brilliant diamonds, each meticulously selected to graduate in size, creating a captivating journey of light from the smallest gem at the apex to the grandest at the base.


Each diamond, cradled within its own bezel setting, exudes an unparalleled brilliance and fire, radiating with a mesmerizing allure that dances with every movement. As they gently descend in size, these luminous gems form a graceful arc, reminiscent of a shooting star streaking across the night sky, leaving a trail of enchantment in its wake.


Available in two distinguished total carat weights—0.77 and 0.95—each pendant offers a unique expression of sophistication and refinement, allowing you to select the perfect embodiment of your affection and style. Choose from the finest materials, including 14k or 18k gold, or indulge in the ultimate luxury with platinum, each metal bestowing its own distinctive radiance upon this celestial treasure.


Choose between natural earth-mined diamonds, steeped in the timeless allure of nature's majesty, or lab-grown diamonds, ethically cultivated to perfection. Whichever you choose, rest assured that each diamond is meticulously selected for its exceptional quality and unmatched brilliance, ensuring a piece of unparalleled beauty and lasting significance.


Embrace the celestial splendor of our diamond drop pendant, a radiant symbol of eternal love and boundless elegance. Let its luminous beauty illuminate your world and become a cherished heirloom, treasured for a lifetime and beyond.

Cascata di Luce Diamond Drop Pendant

SKU: DP871
PriceFrom $950.00