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Introducing the "Golden Serenade" bracelet, a luminous tapestry that seamlessly weaves together the warm embrace of Fancy Light Yellow Oval cut diamonds and the timeless brilliance of Round Brilliant diamonds. This exquisite piece, totaling 14.37 carats of Fancy Light Yellow diamonds and 3.93 carats of Round Brilliant diamonds, is a symphony of color and craftsmanship framed in the rich elegance of 18k gold.


At its heart, thirteen resplendent Fancy Light Yellow Oval cut diamonds form the focal point of this masterpiece. Each oval gem, a radiant drop of sunshine, exudes a delicate hue that bathes the wrist in a soft, golden glow. The graceful curves of the ovals create an undulating rhythm, evoking a sense of movement as if captured rays of sunlight dance along the wearer's wrist.


Alternating with the Fancy Light Yellow ovals are thirteen Round Brilliant diamonds, intricately set in 18k gold, forming a celestial counterpoint to the warm golden tones. The white diamonds, like glistening stars against an evening sky, punctuate the design with a brilliance that complements and enhances the vibrancy of their yellow counterparts.


The framework of the bracelet, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, serves as a delicate yet sturdy foundation for this dazzling composition. The 18k gold links, with their refined design, allow the diamonds to take center stage while adding an extra touch of opulence to the overall aesthetic.

Wearing the "Golden Serenade" bracelet is akin to adorning oneself with a radiant melody—an everlasting harmony of light, color, and craftsmanship. It is more than a bracelet; it is an ode to the luminous moments in life, a reminder that beauty, like music, has the power to elevate and enchant.

Golden Serenade Yellow Diamond Bracelet

SKU: DB8966
  • Metal: 18k gold

    13 yellow oval cut diamonds 14.37carats total weight - 13 Round Brilliant diamonds 3.93 carats

    18.30 carats total weight combined.

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