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IceStore Client Testimonials


I found Icestore while doing online search for a yellow diamond to make a ring for my wife. Behind the many beautiful stones and rings on Icestore.com is the best diamond professional I've worked with, Ari Gold. My science & engineering training made my search a particularly picky (more like finicky) process to work with, especially in view of the fact that my lack of diamond industry expertise might have unknowingly made my strict requirements unrealistic/unreasonable. Ari was extremely courteous and professionally helpful.


Despite having hundreds of yellow diamonds already on his own Icestore.com website, Ari reached out to his suppliers and found an ideal fancy intense yellow for me. Besides the stunning pure yellow color, the flawless stone is so full of life. Truly amazing to look at. The ring Ari suggested and made for the stunner, again against my original design, turned out way better. My kids and I love it at the first site when it came in today, and we can't wait until Valentine's day to give it to the love of our lives.


I have the most sincere respect and appreciation towards Ari for taking the time and putting in the extra effort in making the beautiful ring for us. I'll most certain come back again to Ari for another project, and will most highly recommend Ari to anyone who's in the market for a high quality yellow diamond jewelry.

6 stars


Jay L. Philadelphia, PA



We have purchased 2 custom made diamond rings and a pair of diamond stud earrings from IceStore. The experience of working with Ari to find the right design then the right diamond to be the centerpiece was second to none. 


There is no pressure to buy on the spot.

Before buying the first ring, we had shopped in London at all the top places and over 2 days never found something special that fit my wife's vision for her jewelry. There was a sense we had to decide that day. Instead, we waited until we got back and then we found IceStore. We spent weeks designing the ring and then Ari made sure he found the right matching center stone.

No hurry and we got it right.


And the value for the jewelry is there.

We are consistently getting appraisals significantly above the price we paid. In one instance we had an insurance loss. The insurance company offered a replacement through one of their dealers. We told them what we paid for the ring and they were in shock. 

They paid us a cash settlement and we replaced the ring with IceStore.


I cannot think of a single online or brick and mortar experience that equals the combination of style, value, quality and satisfaction. You may think think this too good to be true, but you can look me up and I will show you the ring and earrings personally.


Brent B. Atlanta, GA

Twelve years ago, I was just your average, lovestruck fool browsing the internet for information on how to get my girl the most perfect engagement ring. That’s how I found myself on Icestore.com, admiring all the jewelry, and debating how trustworthy an online jeweler could be. Making the decision to call the store and personally speak with Ari dispelled any concerns I’d had and ended up being one of the best decisions I’ve made. He was incredibly knowledgeable and had so much patience with me during our many conversations, and the engagement ring was perfect. Even after all these years, my wife and I still marvel at its beauty. Even more, I have been able to confidently return to Ari for all our subsequent jewelry purchases.


Whenever I hear of a guy or a couple talking about getting engaged, the first thing I do is say “You have to call Ari.” I do this because I see folks get ripped off buying from a brick and mortar jeweler. Not only are these stores overpriced but the quality doesn't compare. I just tell them to call Ari and “Tell Ari you want a fireball.” If you tell him this he will get you a diamond that sparkles like nothing else you have ever seen regardless of size of stone and it will be awesome! I would say you get Tiffany/Harry Winston quality or better at half the price. Buying from Ice Store is a huge value. I know better now than to actually pick out the diamond, sapphire, or whatever else I might be interested in. I just tell Ari what size and what I am looking to spend, and he will recommend a stone.  GIA cert doesn't tell you everything about a stone. Ari has this ability to find the perfect stones at the best value.


I just bought my wife her first yellow diamond ring. Ari found a beautiful yellow intense stone and put it in a halo setting. It is just awesome, and it blew my wife away. We’ve been so impressed with everything Ari has done for us over the years, we felt compelled to share our story. Not only does Ari make beautiful jewelry, he is a really great guy, and we are happy to personally speak with anyone about our Icestore experiences. Thank you for everything, Ari. Until next time...


Keith B. Edina, MN

I contacted Ari at Icestore at the suggestion of a friend at work, after visiting a jewelry store at The Wynn in Las Vegas to get an idea of what type of ring my girlfriend would like.  There were two dramatically different rings there that both appealed to her, and I sent photos, descriptions and the prices to Ari via e-mail.  After speaking briefly on the phone, he sent me a very frank critique of both rings and pointed out things in both that I would not have discerned for myself, while also stating emphatically that the prices of both rings were way higher than the far superior product that he could provide for me.   

He obtained a couple of radiant yellow diamonds for me to see and I eventually found a setting on-line that I really liked.  That setting, however, required a cushion cut yellow diamond, not a radiant.  Ari patiently changed gears and began looking for an appropriate cushion for me, and clearly did not settle for the first one that he could find.  We looked at several before landing on the right one.  As for the setting, Ari convinced me that his jeweler could do a better job with the setting than the photos I shared with him.  While somewhat skeptical, Ari had earned my trust through his hard work and persistence to date, and by sticking with me as my process took unplanned detours, so I proceeded.     

The finished product exceeded my expectations, and I find myself constantly staring at it on the hand of my beautiful fiance, after I proposed to her on Labor Day on the Santa Monica Pier, with her sons nearby.  

In thanking Ari for his patience with me and dedication to my satisfaction, I also apologized for what I put him through.  I was pleased when he responded by telling me that his jeweler was just as excited with the finished product as I was, and said that he felt it was his best work yet for the IceStore.  I'm convinced that I could not have received such personal service, such value for my investment and such a memorable experience if I had not chosen to work with Ari and the IceStore.  In addition, I gained a friend.  I'm very grateful and happy with my experience and strongly recommend him.  

I'm happy to be contacted as a reference as well.


Dennis M. Houston, TX

There is one word for my ring...STUNNING!

I could not be happier with the ring or, more importantly, my experience with Ari and IceStore. From my first phone call, he was professional, curteous, incredibly knowledgeable and patient with all my questions. He made me feel completely comfortable about buying something of such value through the internet.

I described to him the look I wanted in my ring, but I never dreamed the ring would so exceed my expectations.

I was pleased with the pictures, but when it came in the mail, I was speechless! He helped me find the best value for the diamond size I was looking for. No other website I checked had near the quality of stone or setting, and all were more expensive when comparing the 4 c's.

I can't say enough positive things about my experience...I could go on and on! Thank you so much, Ari, for this work of art I'm wearing!



Susan K. Kaneohe, HI


I'm a diamond dealer with 30+ years experience in the trade and with sources in all the world's diamond cutting centers. I met Ari when I was seeking a very hard to find fancy color. and was given Ari's name by a well known appraiser. When I first called him, I didn't let on that I was in the trade. Ari was very professional in handling my request and was able to locate the exact stone which I was seeking. I purchased it based on his reassurance that I could return it for a full refund if unsatisfied for any reason When I received the diamond, I was very pleasantly surprised by his product knowledge. He described the color and clarity as accurately as any diamond dealer I've ever worked with.

I've purchased several other stones from Ari over the last 18 months, the most recent being a beautiful 6 figure vivid purplish pink. 

Because of his extensive network and ability to locate the unusual, I've referred him as a source to other diamond companies for times when they've had problems locating hard to find stones.


Sandy R. Vancouver, CA

The ring I bought from IceStore is the best thing I have ever got in my life. It is the most perfect ring for me, I love it so much. It is so wonderful to find something that is so me, that everyone said it couldn't be on anyone else's finger.

Ari worked very hard with me because I was going back and forth hesitating about the ring, because of the price. But when I looked in other places, the price for a 1 carat fancy pink diamond, was higher in other places, and their diamonds did not look as good.

And when I made my choice to buy this ring, Ari was more than helpful and very patient with me. I wouldn't trade this ring or sell it even for $1,000,000. Plus the setting of this ring is the most amazing setting I have ever seen. Even the jewelers in my country "Qatar" where amazed by it, it is very well made, even the picture could not represent how beautiful the setting is. I am so happy of what I got from Ice Store and I recommend it highly.


Hessa Al-Ali Doha, Qatar

I bought a 4.41 ct. Fancy Intense Yellow VVS1 Diamond with trillions set in a beautiful platinum ring. I must tell you how satisfied my fiancée Nancy is with it. It's stunning...and she's stunned, not to mention my family and her friends.

To tell you the truth, I was hesitant to buy a diamond of such size and expense over the internet but everything worked out great. It's been appraised conservatively at twice what I paid and the price was far less than all the other places I shopped (which was at least 30.)

So thanks again for a job well done. We're a happy family and fans of IceStore.


Alan B. Las Vegas, NV

I very much appreciate the straightforward, professional, and personal manner in which you helped me with my diamond. You had the best selection of cushion cuts and the most information of any jeweler I spoke with (needless to mention a great website). Your attention to detail and ability to envision what I was looking for were great. I felt very confident that I was dealing with quality information, service, and products, and you delivered on all fronts.

The setting is absolutely stunning, and my fiancee couldn't be any happier with her ring. I am sure you're aware as to how this translates to my happiness. She and I are both very proud to have your creation as a part of our lives.

Thanks again for a great experience.


Steve M. Boca Raton, FL

I had searched long and hard for the perfect ring. Initially I visited all of the traditional brick and mortar retailers. While I did find styles and stones which met my criteria, I was astonished at the price differential with on-line retailers. While I was an avid internet shopper, I had never before purchased an item of this value which was custom tailored to my specifications. Through every step of the process Ari was there to guide and inform me. I must admit that although there was a leap of faith at the beginning, the end result was well worth it. I would highly recommend the IceStore for even the most demanding shopper.

Oh yes, she absolutlely loves the ring !!!


John P. Dallas, TX

When I began researching a ring for my wife I never thought I would find the internet of any other use than to identify quality/value ranges. I never expected to purchase something of such great value from an online dealer. I spent a good deal of time in jewlery districts looking at stones and settings, but all of the stones lacked something in terms of appeal, and the GIA certificate for which I was searching. Being inexperienced, I didn't know what quality the stones were missing.

After months of this type of effort and disappointment I decided to contact the IceStore and opened a dialog with Ari Gold. After describing the general stone specs and how much I could afford Ari had an idea of exactly what to present for my consideration. I was still nervious about working with an online dealer and since I had business in the Los Angeles area I arranged to meet Ari to view the stones. I know this seems silly, but  being able to meet someone face-to-face and actually see these diamonds made me more comfortable.

We met in a very relaxing atmosphere making the situation all the more comfortable. Ari was knowledgable about technical details, reassuring about my concerns, and flexible in his guidance helping me through this process. Also, he displayed a refreshing quality I had seldom encountered: no pressure to buy from him.

When Ari presented these hand-selected stones it finally hit me what all the other stones I viewed had been missing. The brilliance and fire these beauties exhibited were breathtaking. I remembered reading that some compromise between these characteristics must be expected. To that I say, "Find yourself a dealer who knows quality and beauty and you will compromise very little!".

Ari had chosen stones that were literally exciting to behold! As we discussed the beauty of these diamonds I found his philosophy of presenting only high quality gemstones to his clients to be a productive and fruitful approach to business from both retailer and consumer points of view.

There was no longer any question of who I was going to purchase this ring from. I had found my guide through the maze of, what had been to this point, gemstone hell.

The setting is an exquisite antique style that compliments a beautiful stone. Ari made and implemented suggestions that I am confident made this ring a true work of art. One example of this is encountering a difficulty in the mounting that was addressed, by Ari, in a creative yet common sense manner that made him, myself, and my wife very pleased with the result.

Feel free to put yourself in the care of Ari Gold and the staff of The IceStore as you will most certainly be, not only satisfied, but giddy with sheer delight when you hold what will assuredly be a treasure in every respect of the word.


Paul B. Austin, TX

After weeks of searching for a reputable jeweler that had access to Asscher cut diamonds, I finally stumbled across the Icestore website while perusing the internet. I found the exact loose diamond , using their search engine, that I had been on a quest to find for weeks within a few minutes and immediately contacted Ari. I found his service to be prompt, professional and efficient. He was very knowledgeable and patient and took
the proper time to work with me and finalize the details of my engagement ring to perfection.

I have received countless compliments on my ring and I could not be happier with the purchase! I hope to continue to do business with Ari for years to come...


Gita R. Kew Gardens, NY

My husband purchased an absolutely gorgeous fancy intense yellow diamond ring for me from IceStore and Ari Gold. It is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I have ever seen. I spoke with Ari several times and he was wonderful to deal with. We paid for the ring one day and Ari had it delivered the next.

If/when I ever want another extraordinary piece of jewelry, Ari will be the first person I will contact!!

Thank you so much, Ari. I love my new ring!


Megan J. Cocoa Beach, FL


I had huge reservations about buying a big jewelry purchase online. However, the minute I spoke to Ari, all my concerns were addressed. He was always there by phone or email to answer all questions. He give me guidance throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend IceStore to friends and family.


Kathy Leech Phoenix, AZ

My family became fascinated with color diamond and I am the designated shopper. At first, I was very skeptical on purchasing a diamond on the internet but the price and the design on Icestore.com was too good to pass up. 
Ari was very professional, patient and informative each time when I contacted him.

I finally felt comfortable to purchase the first ring from him. 

After Eight pieces of Yellow diamond jewelry, we still cannot stay away from his website to see if there are any new stone fits our criteria. We highly recommend Ari to whoever is interested in purchasing a diamond. He is a true professional diamond dealer and you will be impressed with every piece he delivers.


Carolyn C. New York, NY


I recently purchased a Yellow Diamond and Setting from the IceStore. I am a novice when it comes to jewelry. I had been looking at Yellow Diamonds for nine months trying to learn as much as possible about them.

When I contacted Ari at the IceStore I found him to be upfront, honest, and very interested in his customer. 

After my initial conversation I sent him a short list of diamonds that I was interested in purchasing. I asked him to review them and suggest the best option. He came back with a recommendation that wasn’t the most expensive nor the largest but what he considered the best overall diamond. I appreciated his explanation and recommendation. I eventually purchased that diamond. 

When it came to reviewing the setting we went through several examples from the webpage. Ari explained his opinion on which setting best displayed the diamond I was purchasing from the styles that I liked. We agreed on the setting and I placed the order. 

I received the ring approximately two weeks later. The ring is stunning, beautiful, and beyond my expectations. My wife was overjoyed by its beauty. 

Going forward when I need anything in the area of jewelry I will go back to the IceStore. I will recommend them to anyone who asks me if I know of a good jeweler.


Art C. Bloomington, MN

After a year of researching and viewing all kinds of diamonds and rings, I finally decided to make my purchase from the IceStore. Their fancy yellow diamond collection is awesome and their diamond prices can't be beat! I was actually impressed with the quality/value ratio, i.e., bang for the buck. I'm a deal hunter, but also value good quality and customer service. I want the whole sweet package and the IceStore definitely delivers on all three accounts! Ari was professional, promt in communications, honest, extremely nice, and made me feel like I was his only customer. He made himself available during and after business hours.

I was able to create the ring I wanted and even got to specify the type of baguettes I preferred. Ari found the perfect baguettes and my center stone (1.25 fancy yellow) was gorgeous! I also want to mention that since it took me so long to find the perfect ring, I had just over 3 weeks left before the wedding and Ari was going on a 2 week vacation! I was really worried I wouldn't have the ring in time and prayed there wouldn't be something wrong it. I didn't have time to deal with mistakes like I had to with a wedding band I purchased from another company online. Needless to say, Ari came through with flying colors! On time, perfect ring, no problems!

I am very happy with my purcahse and would highly recommend the IceStore to anyone! If I could change something about the ring, I would make the top/side diamonds bigger and shinier, but even this is being nitpicky. I also wish platinum was a little harder so the underside of my rings don't scratch so easily, but this is a problem with all platinum rings. Thank you so much, Ari.


Christina N.

Working with Ari at IceStore.com was an absolute pleasure. He was very helpful, incredibly informative, and was always available to talk.

I spent time researching the purchase of a yellow diamond online and visited various jewelers in my area. Ari had by far the largest selection, was the easiest to work with, and was completely upfront about everything. 

I worked with one large chain jeweler in NJ, one small private jeweler, and was in touch with a few labs that make yellow diamonds and I can honestly say that the stone purchased through IceStore.com was hands down the best. The local jeweler tried selling me two stones which had no paperwork and were " enhanced" and still didn't have the color of the natural fancy yellow I purchased from Ari.

At the end of the day, if you have the privilege to work with Ari, you should consider yourself very lucky. Quality products, quality service, and a quality experience. I look forward to working with Ari in the future.


Matthew M. mgmoo7@hotmail.com East Brunswick, NJ

I have shopped with IceStore since 2002 and have been back 4 times since then. My experience with IceStore has always been enjoyable and stress free. The gallery of finished works on the website was very helpful in determining my ring design. The qualities of the work and customer service are exceptional.

I highly recommend IceStore to those who are seriously looking for that perfect diamond ring.


Kim P. Dallas, Tx

Purchasing a ring from ICESTORE was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end.

After contacting several online vendors, I felt that Ari was by far the most attentive to helping me create a truly unique ring for this milestone occasion.  Not only was he able to help me refine my diamond search in terms of carat, color, clarity, and cut, but he also assured me that he would personally inspect my selection before a final decision was made.  We soon narrowed my choices to three diamonds and he inspected each individually. The diamond Ari was drawn to would not necessarily have been the one I would have chosen on paper; however, he assured me that it displayed maximum light dispersion while not compromising brilliance (exactly the combination of qualities I was looking for). For the setting, Ari worked with me to create a design that would not only accentuate the diamond beautifully, but also fit my budget.

While I felt more comfortable working with Ari than other online vendors, I was aware that there is a certain level of risk involved with making such a large purchase online.  Finally opening the box and seeing the ring, therefore, was cathartic.  The finished product is truly stunning.

The appraiser also assured me that the diamond is exactly as advertised and that the quality of the craftsmanship is very high. By purchasing from ICESTORE I was able to take advantage of online diamond prices without compromising personal service and a truly unique finished product.  I only hope that the presentation goes as smoothly as the purchase.


C.M. Jackson Winston-Salem, NC

My fiancée and I want to thank Ari and ICESTORE for a great purchasing experience.

Prior to contacting Ari, I had visited numerous brick-and-mortar wholesalers and Internet retailers. I was learning a great deal about diamonds during each visit, but the decision was not getting any easier. I was definitely caught up in the diamond's resume, instead of its shine and brilliance. I received a sample image from Ari, and while it had slightly different specifications from what I was researching earlier (1.07 vs. 1.06 L:W ratio), he assured me that it had even brilliance and was a gorgeous stone.

I was also very satisfied that Ari did not try to steer me into an engagement setting I was not comfortable with. In my visits to other stores, the associates were accommodating but would recommend settings that were way out of left-field. My belief was that for a large purchase such as this, I should be able to purchase exactly what I wanted and not have to compromise on anything. Ari was able to make all the modifications to the setting without second-guessing my decision.

When I received the ring, I was blown away at the craftsmanship and most importantly, the shine and brilliance. I was giddy envisioning my fiancée's reaction to the beautiful ring. I had seen enough engagement rings from family and friends to understand that mine was at the top of the class!

After my proposal, my fiancée's reaction was worth a million bucks. She is so happy with the ring and is receiving compliments all the time! (I believe some of her girlfriends arranged play dates to check out the ring in detail!)

So thank you Ari and ICESTORE!


Graham K. San Francisco, CA

The first thing I’d like to say is that Ari has been amazing to work with.  Even before I made my deposit, he spent hours on the phone with my fiancée as she selected the exact stone and style that she wanted, and then spent hours on the phone with me as I continuously worried about making the right decision.  I clearly made the right choice and Ari has gone over and above to demonstrate his good faith and business practices.

My engagement was about as perfect as anybody could ask for.  I surprised my soon-to-be fiancée with a trip to the Caribbean and proposed to her on the beach while the sun was setting in the distance.  Nothing could have made the moment more special than the incredible ring I gave her.  She was speechless (even though she’d designed the ring herself). 

I am located in Charlotte, NC, and as such, I did not have a good way of meeting Ari prior to beginning the process of creating the ring.  Ari graciously agreed to meet with a friend of mine who is also located in Los Angeles and sat down with him over coffee to help allay my worries.  After the ring was made, he agreed to meet me at an appraiser (of my choice) prior to taking full payment for the ring.  Last, he has worked with me on some tweaks to the ring that my fiancée has noticed since I gave it to her. 

In conclusion, there may not be an easy way to demonstrate to you, the prospective customer, that IceStore is the right choice.  However, it is my advice, as a satisfied customer located across the country, that you give Ari a chance as he will do an outstanding job from beginning to end, and thereafter.  As icing on the cake, the value you can get on his jewelry far exceeds anything else I’ve seen in the industry.


Vaughn W. Charlotte, NC

For that special gift, engagement, wedding, anniversary - or just to say thanks to a loved one for feeding the cat while you were away - you really can't do better than visit www.icestore.com where you will find the best of professional jewellery services from proprietor, Ari Gold. Ari certainly knows his subject. But, rather than bully or intimidate (as some jewellers do), he gently encourages the would-be customer to learn and understand the detail and complexities of the many possible choices in a fine jewellery purchase.

If you are buying a diamond, you may well find his prices amongst the cheapest although, almost reassuringly, not necessarily the cheapest. Be wary of the lowest internet quote as the "seller" will try to claw back lost margins on the setting, shipping or other services. However, from my extensive researches,IceStore can still save up to 20% over other internet vendors, or even more on retail stores offering the exact same stone from the pool of gems available on the market at any one time.

But the central stone is one thing: the finished ring, bracelet or necklace is another. Mr Gold's aesthetic eye for matching quality, price and the artisan skills of the jeweller, is as flawless as any stone he can offer you. His attention to detail in the mounting, materials and finish will give you a precious lifetime gift to be proud of.

Fear not the perils of internet trade. IceStore is safe. I checked their trading history, other testimonials and positively Googled Mr Gold to death! If you get the same service and product as I did with my recent humble request for a modest anniversary gift, you will be more than just satisfied. You will be ecstatic.

When my grand-daughter comes of age for a serious piece of jewellery , I will return to ICESTORE. Mind you, Ari Gold will be a touch longer in the tooth by then, but still young enough!  After all, investing in a good jeweller is a bit like having a good lawyer, dentist or proctologist. A touch on the expensive side, perhaps, but worth every penny in the end.


Ian Anderson, Flautist, Jethro Tull

My wife and I purchased a 5.57 caret Fancy Intense Yellow Radiant diamond from Ari Gold in October. Included in the purchase was a beautiful setting.  It was for us a very large purchase and there was some concern buying over the internet. The yellow diamond was precisely as advertised, the setting was perfect, and the completed ring was delivered on time as promised. 

We had been shopping for a yellow diamond ring for several months, and Mr. Gold's yellow diamond was of supurb, verifiable quality and at a price fully  50% less than we found at alternative sources.

Mr. Gold is a joy to deal with, professional, personable, competent, and impeccibly honest. We recommend Icestore without reservation. 


Alden and Patricia S. Scottsdale, Arizona

I originally heard about ICESTORE four years ago when a friend of mine purchased an engagement ring online and was quite happy with his experience with Ari.  I looked at ICESTORE’s website, but did not think I would ever want my engagement ring to be commissioned there.    It was difficult for me to grasp how someone could purchase something so nice over the internet, especially coming from someone who prefers a bank teller to the ATM.  Buying a ring is such a major decision and one I thought needed to be made in person.

Four years later…I found my prince charming and we began to research diamonds, settings, the 4 Cs, prices, etc.  We visited a wholesale market in San Francisco and continued our research with ICESTORE.  We found that ICESTORE’s quality of diamonds was higher and prices were more reasonable than any wholesale market.  After researching, I realized that I wanted to design a ring similar to one posted on Ari’s website under “finished work gallery – colorless diamond rings”.  From my first phone call, Ari was professional, courteous, incredibly knowledgeable and patient with all my questions.  My boyfriend and I were hesitant in making such a major purchase online, however, Ari catered to our every need to increase our comfort and satisfaction with the spectacular ring we created. 

After a great deal of research, I knew exactly what I wanted my ring to look like.  Therefore, I relayed that information to Ari as well as e-mailed him a photo of the exact setting I wanted.  Even though I had a good idea of what I wanted based on having seen a picture of his previous work, I never dreamed my ring would exceed my expectations to this degree! 

My boyfriend and I worked with Ari to pick out the perfect diamond and create exactly what I wanted.  I am extremely detail oriented and I could not be happier with the ring or, more importantly, my experience with Mr. Ari Gold.   I had such a fantastic experience with Ari that I am willing to share it live with anyone interested.  Please feel free to e-mail me at jenjordan2001@yahoo.com and I can contact you at a time convenient for you to discuss any questions, reservations or personal stories.

I had never seen any of Ari’s works in person and therefore, I didn’t know just how surprised I would be when I first saw my ring in person.  It was “love at first site” when I saw my ring and I was excited beyond belief because Ari is the kind of guy who will go the extra mile to insure total happiness.  Ari, you know exactly what works best with the proportions of a stone when designing a setting for the stone to make the ring “one of a kind”.  In working with you I also learned you take a great deal of time to consider each customer’s unique situation and finds the right stone within one’s means.       

Even though I helped design my ring based on a ring I found on ICESTORE’s website, I never saw it online until my boyfriend proposed and I was speechless when he proposed.  No other website, wholesale market or jewelry store I checked had near the quality of stone or setting, and all were more expensive when comparing the 4 C's.  

Based on our fantastic experience, we will always approach Ari with all of our major gem stone purchases going forward.  I can't say enough positive things about my ICESTORE experience.  I think everyone buying an engagement ring should talk to Ari before doing so because he is honest, fair, considerate and a really great person to work with.  Thank you so much, Ari, for helping make my dream engagement ring a reality!  You are a true artist that always considers each customer’s unique situation and finds the right stone within one’s means.   


Jen J. jenjordan2001@yahoo.com

I spent two months trying to give myself a crash course in what to look for in a diamond ring before embarking on a mission to track down the perfect stone within my budget.  And then I couldn't find it.  But after a frantic and frustrating search, I very fortuitously happened upon a referral to the icestore.com web site and called Ari Gold.

What I quickly learned from talking to Ari is that you can't just teach yourself to find the perfect stone by collecting information from online sources here and there.  You need the actual eyes of experience.  And if you don't really have those, you need to find someone trustworthy who does.

Ari patiently explained to me that just because I had read about diamond specifications X, Y, and Z in some article somewhere didn't mean that a stone that had those X+Y+Z specs would be what I really want.  Rather, he finally convinced me, identifying a stone with real character, and choosing a setting to bring that character to life, is a matter of judgment and perception.  And exercising his judgment, based on criteria and characteristics he solicited from me, Ari selected an absolutely compelling square emerald-shaped diamond and guided my selection of a setting to go with it.

Of course, even once we had agreed on the stone and the setting, I immediately began to second-guess myself: "But I heard..." and "Wait, I actually read somewhere that...."  Remaining patient as I called him to ask whether I should reconsider my decisions, Ari assured me that my order was in good hands and that I shouldn't let some bit of conventional wisdom that I ran across overrule my own instincts or, frankly, his own ability to produce a ring that would not just meet, but truly exceed, my expectations.

Which is what I got.  And while it's cool that there's even a video of it up on the icestore web site, the truth is that the ring itself is far more compelling than that clip.  My fiancee consistently hears not only that her ring is beautiful, but also that no one's ever seen another ring like it.  And not only does she consistently hear that her ring is absolutely unique, but also that it is just so her.

So take it from me--a guy you don't know at all, but if you did know me, you'd know that I am easily disappointed and not one to offer a recommendation lightly.  Working with Ari is like having an expert consultant determined to help you get the perfect ring.  And he might even intuitively understand what the perfect ring you're looking for is just a bit before you do.


Lyle Z. Cliffside Park, NJ

What’s more compelling than a testimonial from a first time customer of Ari Gold and IceStore.com?

The testimonial of a return customer, nearly four years after my first purchase.

Over four years ago I began the search for an engagement ring. I was referred to Ari Gold and Icestore.com by two of my close friends who had used Ari for their engagement rings. Both men had nothing but exceptional comments on the craftsmanship, professionalism and dollar value provided by Ari Gold.

What makes the buying experience exceptional is the individualized customer care that has become the hallmark of business with Ari Gold.

 How else do you think he receives so many referrals?

After assessing my needs, Ari was able to price and construct the ring of my fiancé’s dreams. Not only was the ring exceptionally beautiful, crafted, and finishing perfectly, the ring was a tremendous dollar bargain.

In August, 2007, after four years of marriage and 27 months spent separated due to military deployments, I decided it was time to express my gratitude to my wife by purchasing princess-cut diamond earrings. I immediately thought of the tremendous buying experience I had with Ari and knew I would call on him again to meet my jewelry needs.

While in Baghdad, Ari sent me a few recommendations and stone-certification specs via email in order to better educate me on my purchase. He communicated with me in a timely fashion, priced the order perfectly, and shipped them quickly, all without a phone a phone call.

Not surprising, the earrings are stunning and flawless.

In short, when you buy jewelry from Ari Friedmand and IceStore.com, you’re not only buying exceptional jewelry, you’re developing a trusted friend in the industry. I can assure you, should you ever be in need of jewelry in the future, you will call on Ari for a second time as I did.


Nick K. (Captain, US ARMY) Dupont, WA

I was searching for the perfect ring, a 10 year anniversary ring.  I wanted to re new my vows to my wife, a perfect little spot up the coast in Medocino County.  A perfect little two bedroom on the coast, a cake, flowers.  Our daughter of five years would be the witness and the ring bearer.  Ahh the ring, what to do about a ring?  Everything was perfect except trying to find the perfect ring.  So I started surfing the net, though not as apparent as most other web sites I came across "The IceStore" and Da Man Ari.  Looking through his web site I decided that to make the perfect occasion just that more perfect...it had to be a yellow diamond, a three stone ring with the perfect yellow diamond in the middle.

However to purchase a ring of this grandeur and cost through a web site?  All it took was one phone call to Ari Gold and I was sold.  I was pretty knowledgeable about regular diamonds from the purchase of my wifes ring 10 years ago but somewhat in the dark about "fancy diamonds"  Ari cleared up everything, answered all my questions and actually showed a genuine interest in me, my life and the world around us.

The ring is spectacular, the man is spectacular and if you go anywhere else to purchase you will be making a very large mistake.

Thank you Ari for a very pleasurable experience.


Kip H. Firestone, CO

Thanks so much for all your help, kindness and thoughtfullness in creating a true treasure. It was beyond my expectations and is a ring befitting the princess I've asked to marry me. Everyone who's seen it is gasping and my hands honestly were visibly shaking for more than half an hour.

Your experience and efforts certainly shine through in the final product. I only wish I had been more trusting from the beginning of this process. Certainly I know then for the future, as the ring is the work of a genius.

Once again I am appreciate all the time you took to speak with me, guiding me through this and easing my fears. It wasn't easy handing the responsibility of such an important gift to one I have never met, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I can not wait to see her face this evening when she opens the box.

Thanks - you were an angel.


Howard M. Rochester, NY

I probably wouldn’t strongly recommend shopping for an engagement ring over the Internet to anybody if it wasn’t for Ari Gold at Icestore.com. He helped me deal with the ambiguity of purchasing the most important piece of jewelry in my life in a way I definitely did not expect from a stranger, especially in the diamond and jewelry business. To be sure it is not only hard enough to pick a diamond online solely based on GIA certificate letters and numbers that are often misleading to somebody in my position without much experience with diamonds, but it is also somewhat nerve wrecking to pay in advance for something you haven’t yet seen and that is very hard to independently evaluate in the first place.

I went with IceStore.com mainly because of their amazing engagement ring designs. I figured that instead of trying to emulate the beauty of the ring I have picked I should stick with the people who designed it in the first place. Working with Ari exceeded even my highest expectations. The reason I would trust him with pretty much any high end jewelry from now on is that he goes beyond just looking at the 4 Cs and he can evaluate the beauty of a stone just by looking at it – this is one thing the casual buyer (like myself) just cannot possibly do. Ari chose a cushion cut stone for my ring that most people relying only on letters and numbers on the certificate wouldn’t necessarily consider perfect and it turned out to be a real sparkling beauty. I trusted Ari in his choice and when the stone finally arrived I couldn’t get my eyes off of it. I compared it with other stones from regular retailers and despite numerous attempts and hard sell tricks that unfortunately the diamond industry is notorious for, all jewelers agreed that the stone was a beauty and they can hardly beat it with anything they have in their inventory given my budget.

So here is why I would recommend Ari Gold and IceStore.com to all my friends who are about to pop the big question – first of all, unless you’re a gemology major, you should trust his taste and knowledge of diamonds better than yours. Second, rest assured that he takes every assignment seriously and he takes special pride in every piece of jewelry that comes out of his store. Third, his pieces are truly amazing – the ring I gave my girl has seriously become the topic of pretty much every conversation ever since she got it. Last but not least, Ari was always ready to talk to me and walk me over the smallest details of the process and teach me about the intricacies of diamonds and jewelry. I did indeed talk to him every day while we were choosing the diamond and that made me much more comfortable about the whole process.

So if you are reading this and you are hesitating about buying an engagement ring on the internet versus the retailer at the store, you should realize that going with IceStore is not just going with the online option – it is simply choosing the better jeweler and the better quality at the better price.


Stefan S. New York, NY

Thanks to the IceStore for a great experience in buying an engagement ring!

I had been searching for about 3 months and became very familiar with the basics.  I narrowed it down to a few different options and started to compare pricing and quality from several different sources.  In my internet searches, I found the IceStore.  The pricing seemed to be very reasonable and the inventory was impressive as well.  I called and spoke to Ari several times to narrow down the actual stone and style of the ring I was looking for.  Ari was helpful and gave me some insight on what would look good.  

Of course, I was very nervous to purchase such an expensive item from 3,000 miles away.  I did some homework and called the Jewelers Vigilance Committee, Better Business Bureau, and checked with the GIA for the certification.  Everything checked out fine and The IceStore was in very good standing with the organizations.  

I went forward with the purchase and the ring was turned around within 2 weeks.  When I received the ring I was extremely happy with everything. It is perfect and everything that I expected.

I then took the ring to Aruba where I proposed to my fiancé while we were scuba diving 60’ under the water.  I was a wonderful surprise and my fiancé loves the ring. 

Thank you Ice Store for making it all happen.  I would strongly recommend the Ice Store to anyone who is shopping for a diamond.


Dino C. Jamestown, RI

I would like to thank Ari Gold for going above and beyond the call of duty when assisting with the design and purchase of my engagement ring.

My fiance has been deployed in the US Army Infantry since October 2005 He is in Iraq and it has been a very difficult separation for both of us .We planned on becoming engaged over Christmas 2005 . Ari was able to coordinate the meticulous design, selection of my flawless center stone, and the payment and delivery of the ring through e-mail and phone calls. It wasn't always easy with my fiancee's limited access to e-mail and the phone but Ari made it work and now I have my stunning ring...my dream ring.

I was also somewhat skeptical of making such an important purchase over the internet but I have nothing to say but it was a wonderful experience. I get so many compliments on my ring and it has been months now and I still stare at it and amazed it is mine every day.



Carol H. Bloomington, MN

Breathtaking and Stunning can only describe this one of a kind IceStore creation.

Buying a diamond over the net is a scary proposition for anyone to undertake. Now add the anxiety of having a custom made three stone ring over the web and you can understand our trepidation. However, I want everyone to know that Ari's Icestore should be synonymous with "Diamond Dream Weaver." Not only did Ari provide guidance during the design process but he is remarkably friendly, intuitive & highly talented.

The "Unique" three stone ring is in essence pure perfection. The craftmanship is beyond comparison to anything I have seen or bought at any high-end retailer in Manhattan. I had a blind faith in Icestore and I remember Ari's words "I promise it will be stunning, sophisticated and unique" and let me express it is far beyond that promise. My husband & I are delighted. Never would I have believed that I could close my eyes and imagine anything more beautiful. The pictures do not even begin to capture the beauty of this custom creation. To open your eyes and find your ring is better than the dream is a testament to Ari and Icestore.



Sharlene G. New York, NY

The Stone
At the start I had some trepidation about making such a large purchase over the Internet. My stone is extremely rare and unique, which made it extremely difficult to assess its value. Since I live in New York City and work just a few blocks from 47th Street , I searched the market for some comps. I went out to every self-proclaimed, leading fancy colored diamond dealer on the Street. After several weeks of looking for me, these dealers could only come up with a couple of similar stones that were all inferior and over-priced in comparison to the one at IceStore. These dealers were all very keen on closing a deal as quickly as possible and were clearly more interested in making a profit than in helping me put together what is to date the biggest purchase of my life, both in meaning and in value.

After several conversations with Ari, it became clear to me that he takes pride in his work and understands that his success depends on the satisfaction of his customers. Ari had the patience and took the time to explain to me how the market works and how he arrived at the value of the stone. 

I decided to purchase the stone and have it appraised. As Ari had warned me, my appraiser had trouble valuing the stone. However, after several weeks of digging and contacting numerous cutters and dealers around the Street, my appraiser was satisfied that the asking price was fair and reassured me that Ari was one of the more well-respected dealers in the country. Ari has bought and sold as many fancy colored diamonds as anyone in the business. Only through experience can one assess the value of a stone as unique as mine and Ari is one of the few who have this experience.

The Ring
Ari’s expertise go far beyond that of a skilled market maker. Now that I had the stone, I had to decide who and how to set it. Again I had trepidation about an Internet jeweler and again after weeks of researching the market in New York , came to the conclusion that IceStore was my best option.

I went to several of the top jewelers on Fifth Avenue to see what they would propose in the way of a setting. Another tricky aspect of my stone was that it had an extremely thin girdle (the peripheral edge of the diamond), which meant that it could chip over time and be damaged in the setting process more easily than the average stone. This was something I learned from my appraiser, and none of the jewelers I spoke with gave me much confidence that they understood how to deal with such an issue. The designs that they came up with were for the most part pretty traditional and unimaginative.

When I mentioned to Ari that I was considering getting the stone set in New York , he was disappointed. The part of his job that Ari clearly enjoys most is creating beautiful pieces and providing his customers with finished work that will exceed all of their expectations and give them a lot of joy. I talked over the setting with him exhaustively and together we came up with an imaginative and unique setting that was modern and fresh. The complicated six prong setting also properly protected the stone and its thin girdle. Ari found two perfect side stones and we were set to go.

I sent the stone back to Ari and he immediately assessed that something had to be done about the thin girdle. He suggested that we file back the girdle slightly to even it out. He warned that we might lose a hundredth of a carat or two, but that it was in our best interest to make the stone more durable in the long run. After working several days with his cutter, Ari evened out the girdle and amazingly was able to do so without losing a single hundredth of a carat.

From start to finish, IceStore offered more in the way of product, expertise, attention and service than anything I could find here in New York . The final product exceeded all of my expectations and the entire process is one that I will always remember fondly. Thank you so much!


Philip E. New York, NY

First I want to thank you for going WAY above and beyond to help me with all of the details involved.

Everything worked out perfectly and the ring is unbelievable - exactly what I wanted! Second, I'd be a reference for any other client in the future - let me know.

You guys have, by far, the best selection out there, and the customization and tailoring to my (constant) needs made it a great experience!!

Thanks again!!


Phil P. Virginia Beach, VA

My experience with yellow diamonds started about 4 years ago. I was on a cruise to St. Thomas and while casually combing the jewelry shops fell in love with a bright yellow beauty. Since then I have been watching prices on yellow diamonds and trying to educate myself. When marriage came up in my relationship I knew just what I wanted but, I had no idea where to get it. So like many people we started at the local jewelry stores. This experience was daunting to say the least if they didn't have yellow diamonds they tried to change our minds; if they did have yellow diamonds they were okay quality at an outrageous price or poor quality in a reasonable price range. After too many hours and too many stores we had started to give up. My dreams of owning a yellow diamond were just that; dreams!

This is when we found Ari (AHHHHHH! That's the angels singing). Ari explained to us both that what we where looking for was realistic! Ari had the perfect diamond for us, if we would just give him a chance. He explained the good day bad day theory on diamonds (his creation I believe) and it made perfect sense. Some intense looking diamonds don't quite make it (having a bad day!) They just miss being yellow enough and become fancy instead of intense on the GIA certificate. This could also happen with a light yellow diamond; being just dark enough to make it to fancy but still being very light! This would be a good day for the diamond.

Ari diligently followed up and even sent us comparison pictures at one point. We felt burned with our last experience (with a different jeweler) and decided to really make sure we got the right color this time. I even asked Ari to compare it to a physical object so I would have an idea of the amount of yellow in this stone and of course he used a lemon...I was very excited at that point. All I needed to do now was convince my other half.

Days later when we did finally make the decision to have Ari send the diamond and when it arrived it was perfect! This diamond was a beautiful fancy yellow color that should have been an Intense (poor, poor, diamond) a 1.41 carat that showed just as he described. It was our lucky day! Ari, you have no idea how close I was to losing my dream of owning a yellow diamond you made it all possible for me and restored our faith in shopping on line, with a professional of course, with our first experience we were very skeptical and timid about getting another diamond on line and then possibly having to send it back...from the very beginning you said I would love it and you were right.If anyone out there needs to talk to one of Ari's customers I told him that I would be willing so just let him know! Thank You Ari.


Catherine Denver, CO

I was originally referred to IceStore, Inc. through a friend (Eric B. of Wheaton , IL ) who had a fantastic experience purchasing a diamond ring for his wife to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  With my ten year wedding anniversary nearing, my wife suggested that we plan a romantic getaway to celebrate.  She also dropped a couple of subtle hints about wanting a new diamond ring. 

Although I had checked out the IceStore website on several occasions, the thought of purchasing a diamond ring sight-unseen over the internet was still a bit unsettling.  Not that I doubted the quality of their work, as I had seen it first-hand through my friend, but I desperately wanted the ring to be perfect and was concerned that I might not make the right choice purchasing it over the internet.  Nevertheless, I contacted IceStore and tried to articulate to them what I wanted. 

From the start, Ari was extremely patient in his dealings with me, and therefore, was able to put me at ease with the entire process.  Of course, by the time that I had made up my mind to contact IceStore, there was less than three weeks until my anniversary. 

Undaunted by the time pressures that I had placed on him, Ari worked diligently with me to create a vision for the ring.  I even managed to throw a couple of curves late in the game by not knowing my wife’s ring size and by upgrading the color and clarity of the diamonds at the last minute. 

Throughout it all, Ari remained professional and accommodating, and, as promised, delivered the most beautiful ring perfectly commemorating this special occasion well in advance of our anniversary.

Although the trip did not work out as a result of Hurricane Wilma, I couldn’t be happier with the way our anniversary turned out.  My wife was totally blown away by the ring, just as I was when I first received it. 

Life is made up of a few special moments like these, and I am forever grateful to IceStore for helping us celebrate this milestone.  And, I look forward to working with Ari again in the future to commemorate other special life moments.

Thank you Ari!


Chris C.  Weston , Florida

Here I am thanking you again...

The ring is exceptionally beautiful. It is exactly what I wanted. It is dazzling yet softly elegant. The radiant cut stone has incredible depth and wonderful light which makes it unique and in my experience, very rare. Combined with the Pave' setting, it is a signature piece instead of a beautiful stone in a jewelry store setting.

You have created the first truly enjoyable diamond purchase experience for me after several attempts with Tiffany and other name retailers. Imagine that, even accounting for the internet between us and no lens viewing or certification sparring or brand name marketing to rely upon.

Your attention to me and my questions and my interest in diamonds was very helpful and supported my decision to purchase through you after endless hours researching you and your credentials the best one can on the internet. By the way, everything checks out spectacularly which you have obviously earned.

This ring celebrates and commemorates a number of important events in the next few weeks... thank you for assuring the remembrance is eternal.

With great respect for your dedication, your energy and commitment to an excellent purchase for those who believe diamonds are romance and remembrance, magic and mystery, art and when exceptional, heirlooms... I thank you again!


Caren M.

When I started looking for an engagement ring for my fiancee that matched the antique style of those she'd seen at some of the high dollar retailers I was not very optimistic that I'd be able to find a jeweler who could create exactly what I was looking for. Luckily for me, I found Icestore. Working with you over the phone to pick the center cushion-cut diamond, design the setting, and finalize the final purchase was not only easy but enjoyable.

Many Jewelers are not only inflexible when it comes to custom requests, but spend a lot of time badmouthing their competition in an attempt to demonstrate why their work is superior.

It was truly refreshing working with you and getting your honest feedback every step of the way. In the end I feel like I was able to make better decisions on both the engagement ring and the wedding band as a result of your help.

Thanks again for making the jewelery buying process so easy!


Patrick F.

I am one lucky girl!

Not only did the best man alive agree to marry me (I asked him on Leap Year Day, Feb. 29, 2004) but we found IceStore and Ari Gold to create a ring that is more incredible than I could ever imagine.

After finding the website 6 months ago, my fiance called and had a long conversation with Ari. We then spent alot of time shopping the diamonds wholesalers and retailers in New York, Florida, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. When it came time to purchase, there was no question on who to use, it was IceStore without a doubt.

My fiance left all the decisions to me, which made me a bit nervous. Ari's depth of knowledge, utmost professionalism and unending patience with me made the selection of the gorgeous stone and creation of the amazingly intricate setting a most satisfying experience. I was truly expecting this to be a daunting task. The ring is a stunner and I am enthralled by it!

Ari was very accomodating to our needs from the first conversation all the way through to the delivery. This was by far the biggest and most important purchase we have ever made with an online company. Ari's easy going, no pressure style immediately put us at ease. Truthfully, this experience has been more pleasureable and rewarding than my dealings with all other jewelers combined. I never imagined I would own such a beautiful piece of jewelry. The fact that it was made just for me makes it even more special!

Potential customers, trust that Ari will do the right thing for you in every instance. He's a gem and I am deeply grateful to have found him.

I am the happy recipient of many daily compliments on this fabulous work of art and I recommend IceStore to every person who comments. I hope this testimonial will help potential customers move past any hesitations about making such an important purchase online. This experience has been more rewarding and satisfying than all my encounters with retail jewelers combined!

Again and again, my sincerest thanks to Ari and IceStore!


Faith C. Edwards, CO

I have to tell you that buying a diamond over the internet made me very nervous at first. I had many reservations, but each time I spoke with you, I felt better and better about the transaction. You understood exactly what I was looking for. You were incredible throughout the entire process, and not only did we get an incredible diamond (thanks to your expertise), but we got a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind ring as well.

It's been almost a year since I gave my wife the ring, and to this date, not a day goes by that she doesn't stop and catch herself staring at it, simply awestruck by it's beauty. As you know, there is nothing quite like it. I'll never forget the look on her face when I opened the gorgeous box you provided for me. Her eyes widened instantly, and as the light of the day made it sparkle and shine, it truly took her breath away. In a word, she was "speechless".

She was totally overcome by it's fire and brilliance. It was everything she had hoped for and then some. Time and time again, people have said that it's the most beautiful ring they have ever seen (and we think so too!) That being said, no one feels more strongly about it than the woman who wears it today. We both owe you a lot of gratitude. You made the process of selecting a stone and creating a work of art incredibly easy for me, and you made my wife eternally happy as well.

Thank you so much,


Karl N. Delray Beach, FL

I am so happy!

Mere words cannot express how happy I am with the whole outcome. Not only the way the ring looks but how you just got it... You simply knew what I was looking for, put me in the right direction, and how hip and modern you are!

From the first moment I spoke to you on the phone to the moment I received the ring, our experience with you has been SUPERB! The whole process of designing my own ring has been so much fun, only because of your help. I almost wished it never ended... I can't wait to design the next piece with you!

Thank you so much. I want to make sure that you are known and recognized for your workmanship and integrity. Out of my selfishness, and exclusivity, I want to keep you a secret but you are a GEM and you need to be known.

You made be very happy, second to my dear generous husband.

Very truly yours,


Carol H. Bermuda

We want to thank you so much for obtaining exactly the color, size, cut, and quality diamond we were looking for, and then placing it in a perfect setting. We had been looking for quite some time, mostly at well-known retail locations, without finding what we wanted, or finding not quite similar stones that were out of our price range.

Finding the IceStore website was like a breath of fresh air. Your site is by far the easiest to navigate and most consumer friendly, and offers the widest selection of truly wonderful diamonds and very competitive prices.

My wife has really enjoyed wearing her new diamond ring these past few months. It is amazing that it continues to bring such pleasure.

Thanks you again for your hard work and efforts. I would enthusiastically recommend IceStore.com for anyone in search of quality diamonds at attractive prices.



Arthur Y. Pelham Manor, NY

She Loves It!

She's finally got the ring on her finger, and it is GORGEOUS!!! I knew it would be beautiful, but I had no idea it would be so perfect. The design is so unique, which makes my ring even more special. Its the perfect combination of style, sophistication, and elegance.

We'll be back for wedding bands and will be sure to recommend IceStore to everyone we know.

Kindest Regards,


Joseph, A. Ft. Benning, GA

The anticipation of knowing that my ring had been delivered and was waiting for me at my office gave me palpitations all day Wed. By the time I got there and saw the Fed-Ex box I could barely breath. I actually had to sit down to open the box, and I'm glad I did. The ring was incredible.

It was exactly what I had been hoping for. I had been very impressed from the time that I described what I was looking for in a setting, and you hit the nail on the head on the first try.

It was a pleasure doing business with you and I certainly know where to go in the future. This was my best birthday ever! Thanks so very much,


Niki L. Carmel, IN

We returned from Mexico over the weekend. It was a fabulous trip. The highlight was our engagement and "THE RING". Things could not have gone better. She loves it!!! She's said it's the finest stone she's ever seen, it's magnificent, it's fit for the Queen of England and it's more than she could have ever imagined an engagement ring to be.

She's shown to to friends and family with great delight and is effusive when she talks about it. I can't thank you enough. I've told Kim all about you and the process of making the purchase - someday soon I want you to speak with her - it would be icing on the cake. I'll speak with you soon.

Warmest Regard.


Charles C. Denver, CO

The absolutely perfect diamond and the patience of a saint!!!!!!!

I started my search for a perfect fancy yellow diamond online, I could not find a fancy yellow round diamond in the size that I wanted 2 - 4 carats. Then I found The Icestore and with the help and guidance of Ari Gold, I found the ring of my dreams.

At the beginning of the search, I went to the most exclusive jewelry store in America. I found out (to my shock) that their diamonds were the same as the ones sold at the Icestore, they are not of a better clarity grade or color grade. To my further dismay, the sales staff was not as knowledgable as Ari Gold about fancy colored stones; this, given the fact that their fancy canary diamond carries their name. Ari was patient and helpful through daily e-mails and phone calls.

When I saw the ring, I knew it was perfect, the pictures did not do it justice. Ari also had the diamond set in a beautiful setting which was exactly what I wanted.

A wonderful shopping experience with a happy ending!


Lou Ann S. Marshall, VA

In life some plans go well, some do not. I have had my fair share of bad ones so when setting out to buy my wife a new ring for our anniversary I planned to do extensive research. While exploring together my wife and I came upon an beautiful three stone ring at Tiffany's. She absolutely loved it. I however did not like the $50K price tag. So I started working. I worked with three different custom jewerly shops, Tiffany's, and a diamond broker. In each situation I was either mislead or pushed toward inferior diamonds. To say the least it was incredibly discouraging.

On the brink of giving up I contacted IceStore, my wife had originally found the web site and I had disregarded it not wanting to make such a large investment over the interent. Ari promptly responded and we traded a few emails over the following few days. Discouraged by other attempts and comforted by Aris communication I decided to take the plunge, but with a hitch. When I gave Ari the go ahead he had only 8 working days to find the complementary stones, create and mount the setting and Fed-ex the package to me. These eight days included the weekend. My $33K investment arrived on time, better than described. What an outstanding experience!

There is more. When I gave my wife the ring she sat down on the floor and couldn't get up for about 20 minutes. Further, I have had two provate appraisals completed on the ring. One for $52K, the other for $56K.

Thank you Ari. We will definitely be doing business together again!


Eric B. Wheaton, IL

My experience with IceStore, Inc. was nothing less than perfect. Ari assisted me in the selection of an excellent center stone for a three-stone ring and then he really pounded the pavement to find a beautiful pair of matching side stones, which was not an easy task.

To top it all off, Ari had our ring designed and built based on our specifications. The end result was a beautiful ring that we will cherish and enjoy for many years to come.

The only mistake that I made was not using Ari for other diamond purchases that I have made in the past. Rest assured, I will use him in the future. Thanks!"


Jeff C. Vienna, VA

I wanted to thank you again for all the help with the engagement ring.

I proposed to my girlfriend on July 4th (2003), and she absolutely LOVES the ring! After nearly three weeks she still remarks at how beautiful it is, and her friends are all dazzled by it. The antique reproduction style is a real work of art with all the intricate detail and patterns. I don't think I could have found a better setting anywhere.

With the princess diamond in there, the whole thing is simply gorgeous beyond words. It's far better than it looked in pictures too, and the pictures were great! The ring box was a surprise too - it's a really nice touch. I was certainly not expecting such a high quality box for the ring, but it turned out to be the nicest I've ever seen.

Thank you for making this whole process so simple too. Picking out everything on the web was actually fun, and it really is incredible how much money you have saved me! No local jewelers came even remotely close to your prices, and nobody has the settings you have. Now I'm hoping my friends want to get engaged so I can point them your way.

Keep up the great work - this is why I love the Internet!



Steve B. Cranston, RI

Purchasing a 2 carat diamond on the intenet was against everything we said we would ever do. After checking this business out, talking and e-mailing Ari several times, the transaction was completed.

The stone was absolutely beautiful. It appraised much higher than the cost. We would certainly be a return shopper and would tell anyone how pleased we were with the whole process and we are hard to please! Also, Ari proved to be a great person to work with-not pushy or trying to talk diamonds over our heads. We did our homework and he certainly came through.

We love the stone.


Ann L. AL, Durham, NC

Our experience with Icestore and specifically Ari was outstanding! He was knowledgeable, patient, and not the least bit "pushy". He was unlike any of the retail salesmen that we dealt with who just wanted to make a sale at whatever cost. The ring is absolutely stunning!

I can't stop staring at it. :-)

I have received countless compliments on the quality and beauty of the ring...even from a very fancy jewelry store. I saw a comparable stone at that store and it was twice the price!!!

We would absolutely recommend the Icestore to anyone looking for an engagement ring and we are already telling our friends about Icestore's courtesy, professionalism, and expertise. Thank You for a wonderful shopping experience! 


Tirza C.

When my husband offered to buy me the diamond ring of my dreams for Mother's Day, I, with great excitement and anticipation, began my search for the perfect stone at all of the local jewelery stores. Although none of the jewelers had anything within their stores that fit my criteria in terms of size and quality, they all promised that they could "get one in" within a couple of days.

Well, after months of this trial and error process one stone at a time, I was left disappointed with each diamond, either in terms of size, color, cut quality, or with an unknown something that just didn't look right. Even if I were to compromise on the diamond I selected, the local stores were unable to set the stone in anything but a Tiffany-style setting -- although a classic look, not what I had in mind.

With less than two weeks before the stated occasion, I found the IceStore online. In response to an email request, Mr. Ari Gold called me with two diamonds that fit my specific search criteria perfectly. He answered all of my questions in a most professional manner and was very understanding and respectful with my expressed hesitation to make such a purchase sight unseen and from a man I did not know. 
After having spoken with Mr. Gold a couple of times and much thought and prayer, I decided to purchase the diamond he suggested and I asked him to mount it in a setting I chose from his antique-style setting selection. He promised to do this and have the ring to me by Mother's Day.

This entire transaction has proven to exceed all of my expectations. The ring arrived at the hour it was promised and was nothing short of breathtaking. I was literally left speechless to describe the beauty of this ring. It's sparkle is blinding and it's beauty is captivating.

I have been wearing this ring for over a week now and still can't believe that it is mine. I am blessed to have received it as a gift and find it to be a most befitting way to honor God's greatest gift to me -- my children, for only He could create such a "good and perfect gift". Thank you God for Your awesome creations; and thank you Ari Gold for making dreams comes true.


Melanie G. Johnson City, NY

Thanks to IceStore, I got an extremely high-quality modern Asscher-cut diamond in a platinum Tiffany setting for substantially less than it was later appraised for -- all ordered, set, and sent in three business days. This happened to be right around Christmas, so no other vendor I checked with could deliver anything similar in under six weeks. Moreover, as my future wife owns no other rings, I was unable to provide a ring size. Ari asked my fiancee's height and weight and was able from that general information to extrapolate her EXACT size. I didn't even have to take Ari up on his offer of a local jeweler who would resize the ring for free, since it fit my fiancee's finger PERFECTLY. How, I ask, can you argue with all-around performance like that?

Take a look at the ring for yourself and tell me it's not exquisite. The fact that the diamond is of near-perfect proportions and of an IF clarity is only the icing on the cake. Many thanks, Ari (and IceStore). I will send family, friends, and anyone else who will listen to you when it's time for them to invest rocks of their own. And look for a call from me in about twenty years when it's time for us to upgrade!


Asa New York City, NY

You made Christmas day all the more special with your expertise and outstanding service. I ordered the ring December 17th and was amazed to receive it December 24th. After doing exhausting research I am very pleased to have chosen Icestore. This was my first substantial purchase online and will recommend you to friends and coworkers.

The Lucida style ring with a princes cut couldn't be more beautiful, it actually brought tears to my fiancee's eyes.

Thanks again, I will definitely be returning. Happy Holidays!


Christopher K. Baltimore, MD

Ari, you provided incomparable service, quality, and reliability. 
Moreover, your pricing is amongst the most affordable of any vendor on or off the web. You gave me just enough guidance to reassure me, yet not so much as to stray from the ring I had envisioned. My fiancée receives compliments and accolades everywhere we go!

Thanks so much for everything.

Best Wishes,


H. Lopez, Jr. Piscataway, NJ

Thank you very much for taking such care in the recommendation and manufacture of our engagement ring. The ring turned out every bit as amazing as I had imagined. Making such an investment over the internet was, at first, scary. But considering the diamonds you offered me were GIA graded I knew I would at the least be getting what I paid for. So, I trusted my instincts and went for it. I am so happy I did because as it turned out I got far more for my money than I would have had I gone anywhere else. Infact, the local jewelry store laughed at me when I asked them to compare prices. You can be sure I will recommend IceStore to my friends and family. 

Thanks again,


Robert T.

I was having a hard time locating a 1.50 to 2.00 carat round brilliant yellow fancy diamond. I emailed the Icestore with an inquiry after not seeing any on their site or other diamond sites I had visited and got a response from IceStore within 24 hours with a list of a couple of stones. I was hesitant about buying a diamond over the internet. But after speaking with Ari, looking at his Pay Pal history, and better business bureau report I felt much more comfortable. He then sent a digital picture of the stone and GIA certification. I was still skeptical so since I live in San Diego about an hour and a half from Beverly Hills I spoke with him about meeting to actually see the stone. I then went to meet him and then felt comfortable enough to buy the stone. He then showed me some examples of settings he had done and I ended up getting two side .26 carat white diamonds set in a platinum band. He sent me a link with the ring after it was complete:

I can't express how happy my fiance was with the ring and all the comments she has gotten. I was very satisfied with the purchase and the help Ari had provided throughout the purchase, I felt he went out of his way to make sure I was completely satisfied. Also, after receiving the ring I got it appraised in order to insure it and it came back much higher than I had expected. The yellow diamond appraised at 224% of what I had paid and the entire ring at 213%.

I have never been happier with a purchase and recommend using the Icestore to anyone. Ari is a very trustworthy and by looking at the other testimonials it seems like everyone's experience has been as pleasant as mine. Thanks again.


Jonathan B.

IceStore, Inc. is hands down the only place you need to look in your pursuit of a diamond or diamond jewelry.

In my search for an engagement ring I started on the web to get prices. IceStore was one of the many diamond web sites I came across. Not only was the website and the information very professional, the prices were tremendous. However I was skeptical to buy a diamond over the web (even though I am in the computer industry). So I took the knowledge and prices I obtained from IceStore (also a great resource for learning about the 4 C's), and continued my pursuit for the perfect engagement ring. I went to many Jewelers, both large national companies, and local diamond brokers.

Throughout those weeks I always found myself going back to IceStore to see what new stones they may have had. The more I shopped the around the more sure I was that IceStore was the company to deal with. In my pursuit I came across other fancy colored diamonds fairly comparable to the one I purchased from 
IceStore, but the problem was that the prices were nowhere near what IceStore was offering me.

Upon finally contacting the IceStore, solely to commend them on the wonderful changes they made to their web site, which made my search easier, I reached Ari Gold. After talking to someone with such a kind and professional character I knew my search was over. The following day, I made a decision on a diamond, and provided Ari with a list of ring characteristics the wonderful woman in my life would really adore. Ari was incredibly understanding throughout the process. He provided tremendous ideas, things that I would have never thought of. His expertise in diamonds allows him to create some wonderful pieces. I truly believe he could have created the same ring without my input. I know I could have given him a general description such as a three stone ring with a yellow diamond in the middle, and the same ring would have been produced.

The ring he created for me was absolutely breathtaking. It's beauty is only rivaled by the lovely lady who will be wearing it.

Ari and the business practices of IceStore Inc. are extremely professional, trustworthy and friendly. The treatment I recieved from those, oh so famous Jewelry stores did not even come close to the treatment I got at IceStore. IceStore is the one and only place you need to look, to fulfill all your diamond needs. I am recommending them to everyone I know.

Thanks IceStore, I know I shall return.


Daniel K.

I recently purchased a custom designed engagement ring from the IceStore that I could not be happier about - from both the ring quality/pricing standpoint and the service provided by Ari.

I contacted the IceStore, Inc. in regards to specifications on a specific stone advertised on the internet by several sellers. Ari promptly provided the certification and followed up with a courteous phone call. I advised that I was not only looking for a certain size and quality of stone but also a custom setting with side stones. Ari promptly offered a competitive price on the stone that I inquired about and offered to help design the setting. He answered all my stupid questions and patiently worked with me to come up with the exact setting that I was looking for - all without a firm commitment.

The final product turned out better than I even envisioned.

I just had it appraised and it matched exactly with the specifications requested/represented and it appraised significantly higher than what I paid for it. Needless to say, the ring made my proposal much easier and my Fiance is awestruck with it.


Mike T. Charlotte, NC




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