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A Step Above Conflict Free

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Icestore: Your Trusted Destination for Conflict-Free Diamonds

In an age where conscious consumerism reigns supreme, the origin of the products we purchase holds unprecedented significance. When it comes to diamonds, their journey from mine to market carries a profound moral and ethical weight. That's why at Icestore, we've taken a resolute stance on sourcing diamonds exclusively from Kimberley Process approved sources. This unwavering commitment ensures that the diamonds we offer are entirely conflict-free, eliminating any chance that they have funded violence or supported illicit activities.

The Kimberley Process: A Beacon of Responsibility

The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, established in 2003, represents a watershed moment in the diamond industry's history. This international initiative unites governments, diamond producers, and civil society organizations in a shared mission: to halt the flow of "blood diamonds" used to finance conflicts against governments. The Kimberley Process establishes rigorous standards and regulations, requiring that every shipment of rough diamonds be certified as conflict-free. At Icestore, we are proud to be part of this global initiative, ensuring that our customers receive diamonds whose origin is beyond reproach.

Our Uncompromising Commitment

For us, the Kimberley Process is not just a formality; it's a solemn promise to our customers. We believe that every sparkling gem we offer should be a symbol of love, beauty, and responsibility. By adhering to the Kimberley Process standards, we go to great lengths to trace the origin of our diamonds, guaranteeing that they come from sources committed to ethical, environmental, and social responsibility. This commitment is a testament to our unwavering dedication to offer our customers the highest quality diamonds with a clear conscience.

Above and Beyond the Kimberly Process

At Icestore, we hold our suppliers, the largest diamond companies in the world and all DeBeers Siteholders, to higher standards than are required by the Kimberly Process. Using proprietary block-chain technology, we know the origin and provenance of every diamond we offer from the origin mine and through the wholesale chain, to the cutting centers of India, Israel and Belgium, to our fully GMP compliant  jewelry manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, CA and eventually to your finger.

Join Us in Celebrating Responsibility and Beauty

At Icestore, we invite you to celebrate more than just the beauty of diamonds. Our conflict-free diamonds are a celebration of responsible sourcing, ethical practices, and a commitment to global peace. By choosing Icestore, you are not just choosing a brilliant gem; you are choosing a future where the allure of diamonds is unmarred by conflict and strife.

Your Journey Starts Here

Join us on a journey where the sparkle of our diamonds is outshone only by their impeccable origins. Explore our exquisite collection, knowing that each diamond has a story of responsibility and ethics. Icestore is not just a destination for exceptional diamonds; it's your portal to a brighter, more conscientious future. Choose Icestore for a diamond that shines not only with beauty but also with virtue.

Your perfect diamond, conflict-free and captivating, awaits at Icestore.

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