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Together we will bring your diamond and jewelry buying experience to new heights and beyond your highest expectations.

Brent B.

Alpharetta, GA

We have purchased 2 custom made diamond rings and a pair of diamond stud earrings from IceStore. The experience of working with Ari to find the right design then the right diamond to be the centerpiece was second to none. 


There is no pressure to buy on the spot.

Before buying the first ring, we had shopped in London at all the top places and over 2 days never found something special that fit my wife's vision for her jewelry. There was a sense we had to decide that day. Instead, we waited until we got back and then we found IceStore. We spent weeks designing the ring and then Ari made sure he found the right matching center stone.

No hurry and we got it right.


And the value for the jewelry is there.

We are consistently getting appraisals significantly above the price we paid. In one instance we had an insurance loss. The insurance company offered a replacement through one of their dealers. We told them what we paid for the ring and they were in shock. 

They paid us a cash settlement and we replaced the ring with IceStore.


I cannot think of a single online or brick and mortar experience that equals the combination of style, value, quality and satisfaction. You may think think this too good to be true, but you can look me up and I will show you the ring and earrings personally.

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