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Indulge in the celestial allure of these mesmerizing earrings, where elegance meets innovation in a harmonious dance of light and luxury. Suspended from the ear with delicate grace, three resplendent round brilliant diamonds, each embraced by a bezel setting, captivate the senses as they sway gently with every movement. Linked together by links, these radiant gems form a celestial constellation, casting a spellbinding glow upon the wearer.


Available in a selection of enchanting hues, including ethereal white, warm yellow, and romantic rose gold, these celestial treasures are adorned with the finest diamonds, sourced from the depths of the earth or crafted with meticulous precision in the laboratory.


Elevate your ensemble with the celestial elegance of these captivating earrings, destined to illuminate every moment with unparalleled brilliance and timeless allure.

Bezel Diamond Drops

SKU: DE100
  • Metal Type: 14K White Gold
    Approx. Metal Weight: 3.27 Gr.
    Model Carat Weight: 1.50 ct.
    Diamond Color: FG
    Diamond Clarity: VS
    Diamond Cut: Excellent
    Number of Stones: 6
    Setting Type: Bezel
    Stone Shape: Round
    Stone Carat Weight: 6X.250 ct.
    Stone Size(mm): 6X4mm
    Item Width: 5.46mm
    Item Height: 17.73mm

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