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Behold the "Brilliant Fields," a transcendent symphony of light and craftsmanship encapsulated in an extraordinary diamond mounting. This exquisite creation stands as a testament to the artistry that transforms metal and gem into a wearable masterpiece.


At its zenith, a majestic square or rectangular gem, cradled in a unique embrace of U-shaped prongs. These prongs, delicate yet purposeful, create an open gallery that allows light to caress the center stone from every angle, enhancing its inherent radiance.


As the gaze descends, the band unfolds like a canvas adorned with six resplendent rows of pave-set diamonds, each row a testament to meticulous precision. Four rows grace the face of the band, forming a dazzling cascade that captivates the eye with a seemingly endless river of brilliance. Each miniature gem, a radiant jewel in its own right, contributes to the collective effulgence, creating an iridescent tapestry that dances with the play of light.


Yet, the allure of the "Brilliant Fields" extends beyond the face of the band. Two additional rows of pave-set diamonds grace each profile side, framing the finger in a cascade of luminosity that defies convention. The profile sides, often overlooked, become an integral part of the design, contributing to the ring's three-dimensional splendor.


This enchanting arrangement of diamonds, meticulously set in perfect alignment, transforms the ring into a field of celestial radiance—a tribute to the beauty found in precision and symmetry. The "Brilliant Fields" is more than a mere ring; it is an immersive experience, a celebration of the inherent brilliance of diamonds and the craftsmanship that elevates them to the status of timeless art.


Wearing the "Brilliant Fields" is to carry a piece of the cosmos on one's finger—an ever-present reminder of the beauty that emerges when nature's treasures meet the boundless creativity of human hands.

Brilliant Fields Diamond Accent Mounting

SKU: ER518