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Indulge in the celestial splendor of our double graduated diamond drop earrings, a symphony of brilliance and elegance that radiates opulence with every shimmering facet. Adorning each ear with celestial allure, these captivating earrings boast twenty resplendent diamonds, meticulously arranged in a double graduated design to create a mesmerizing cascade of light and luxury.


Choose from our captivating selection of carat weights, ranging from the enchanting allure of 2.36 carats to the breathtaking grandeur of 3.83 carats, ensuring a perfect match for your discerning taste and style. Expertly crafted in a selection of luxurious gold hues – including the timeless elegance of white gold, the warm embrace of yellow gold, and the romantic allure of rose gold – these earrings exude an air of timeless sophistication and unparalleled allure.


Whether adorned with Earth's natural marvels or the ethereal beauty of lab-grown diamonds, each gemstone sparkles with unparalleled brilliance, casting a spell of enchantment wherever you go. Elevate every moment with the celestial beauty of these exquisite earrings, a testament to your exquisite taste and incomparable style.

Graduated Double Row Diamond Drops

SKU: DE117

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