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Behold the unparalleled magnificence of our Princess Diamond Eternity Band, a symphony of sophistication and grace that captures the essence of eternal love in every gleaming facet. Crafted with unparalleled artistry and devotion, this exquisite band is a testament to timeless elegance and enduring beauty.


At its core, this mesmerizing creation features Princess-cut diamonds, delicately shared-prong set around the entire circumference of the band, forming a seamless circle of brilliance and allure. Each diamond, meticulously chosen for its exceptional clarity and fire, radiates with a captivating luminosity that enchants the beholder and symbolizes the everlasting bond shared between two souls.


Available in total carat weights of 3.50, 4.25, and 5.10 carats, this divine band offers a spectrum of opulence, allowing you to select the perfect embodiment of your enduring love and commitment. Whether adorned in the rich splendor of 14k or 18k gold or the timeless sophistication of platinum, this masterpiece of craftsmanship exudes an aura of refinement and luxury that is truly unmatched.


Whether you choose the ethereal beauty of earth-mined natural diamonds or the ethical brilliance of lab-created diamonds, each gemstone is a radiant expression of exceptional quality and unparalleled craftsmanship. With its timeless design and captivating allure, our Princess Diamond Eternity Band is a symbol of eternal devotion and unwavering affection, destined to be cherished for a lifetime of love and enchantment.

Princess Diamond Eternity Band

SKU: EB1057
PriceFrom $3,525.00