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Behold the resplendent allure of "The Crown" engagement ring style, a masterpiece in the realm of timeless elegance and refined craftsmanship. This regal creation marries sophistication with subtlety, ensuring that every glance becomes a moment of captivation.


At the heart of this celestial design is the knife-edge ring mounting, a slender pathway that gracefully ascends, embodying the delicate balance between strength and grace. Picture, if you will, a journey of impeccable artistry where the band becomes a canvas, adorned with the eternal sparkle of diamonds. Pave set with meticulous precision, these miniature gems cascade on both sides of the band, a shimmering river of brilliance that enchants the eye.


Venture deeper into the realm of magnificence, and you will discover the gallery—a labyrinth of intricacy. Here, diamonds are not merely embellishments; they are celestial companions, set upon the crossbars and delicately nestled within the prongs. These miniature constellations guide the eye towards the grandeur that awaits at the pinnacle—the center stone.


As your gaze ascends, the prongs themselves become a testament to the jeweler's artistry. Each one is a miniature pedestal, cradling the central gem with an embrace of unparalleled grace. Diamonds adorn not just the surface but become an integral part of the structure, creating a harmonious symphony of light and form.


"The Crown" engagement ring is not merely an accessory; it is a celebration of love, a poetic expression of commitment rendered in the language of diamonds and gold. Its subtle opulence and intricate details make it a true heirloom, a symbol of enduring beauty and everlasting union.

The Crown Engagement Ring

SKU: ER839
  • 18k White Gold Ring
    72 Diamonds - .43 ctw Clarity: VS2 - Color: F-G